Best Gunsmith in Northwest Arkansas


Custom Gunsmithing

Trappers Outdoors is home to some of the most experienced gunsmiths in Arkansas, offering an incredible variety of custom gun upgrades and repairs. You can bring us your basic gun, and we will help you transform it into something truly special!

Gunsmithing services:

  • Barrel threading
  • Barrel mapping
  • Slide milling
  • Pinning and welding
  • Gun repairs
  • Custom gun upgrades
  • Custom rifle builds
  • Hunting rifle customization
  • Scope mounting and scope fitting
  • Competition rifle kit-outs
  • Custom laser engraving
  • Much more...

Whether you are looking for routine gunsmithing or something completely custom, we have you covered.

Custom Gun Smithing

Slide Milling

Barrel Threading

Barrel Threading

Pin and Weld

Pinning and Welding

Gunsmithing Gallery

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